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Apex town is found in Wake County of North Carolina in the United States. Currently, it is the eighteenth largest municipality in the State.  Apex is a western Wake county town that is close to the big city. Like other towns, Apex has residents of all ages. The community is very friendly. Apex is growing and is expected to double its growth in the next fifteen years. It started growing in the 1950s and it has maintained its small-town character. The town is has opened new shopping centers in its outskirts. Parks and roads have been built in this town and much is expected to be developed in the next years.

There is favorable weather in Apex for anyone to call the townhome. Apex community gives lots of festivals for your entertainment if you are willing to relocate to Apex. This is because of the friendly culture that is found in this town.

If you are planning to relocate to Apex, you can move with your family since there are wonderful schools for your children. You will not regret the education of your children. Apex has the lowest property tax rates. This has made it favorable for you to settle and start businesses since there is a low cost of living. This has also made people move from large cities to Apex. Besides, before you decide to settle here find foundational guidelines to settle in the best places in the town.

Apex is famous for its low unemployment rates and its strong strength of the local job market that is encouraging people to find residence here. It has made people want to start businesses here. The town’s economic development director, Joanna Helms, has also said that the town is recruiting different new businesses. This means you should be encouraged if you are thinking to join us here in Apex.

The town has luxurious and affordable hotels for you and your family if you are planning for a vacation in Apex. The hotels are of the highest level and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Apex has grown towards the west and a shopping center that is sizable has been built at the intersection of US 64 and Highway 55. This has also created a neighborhood in the west.

Apex is a rich town in resources and it provides utilities to its residents. The utilities include water, garbage recycling, natural gas by PSNC, and electricity. These will make your life comfortable in Apex. It is encouraging a population increase in this town. Also, Wakemed Apex provides health care to the residents.

The apex fire department provides fire protection to the residents. This is to enhance people to buy homes in this town without fear. There is also police service by the police department in Apex. Join us in apex today to enjoy all these facilities and the lower standards of living.


Apex is a friendly community. We are optimistic about the growth of the town. For the recent years, it has recorded a substantial growth thus join us to live in Apex. Contact us for a good place to live at Apex. Feel encouraged to contact us for the know-how to live in Apex town. The town is progressively moving forward compared to other small towns in North Carolina. Schools, health care, parks, hotels, and infrastructure are growing recently and this has encouraged more employments opportunities.