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How Terb helps his clients when listing their home.

I love helping my clients win.  I do this by guiding them through the process of listing their homes and when we sell, my clients are making max value.  
I have a gameplan as soon as I walk in my client’s door.  No home is the same, and each home has its own story.  When I see the home, I immediately think of how I will market it and who will more than likely buy it.  Will it be an empty nester looking for one level, will it be for a young couple looking to grow a family, will it be a home where the buyers have kids from 8-12 and want extra bedrooms, what are the amenities in the neighborhood?, is there a neighborhood pool, what is the home close to?  All these details play a factor with how I will market the home.  
The next thing is preparing the home to sell.  Again, not all homes are the same, and not all need the same amount of work when preparing it to sell.  I work with great contractors that help my clients prep their home to get on the market.  I will arrange my preferred contractor(s) to meet me at the home with my clients to walk through the home with us making notes of what will need to be completed prior to going active on the market.  I will also help my clients stage the home in regards to making it look its best for photos, videos, etc.  Some homes can show well vacant, others need to tell a story.  If we need to have the home professionally staged I also have great resources to help my client.  
Lastly, the most important thing when listing a home is price.  We have to price it correctly to make max value.  With almost 15 years of experience, I know the market well throughout the Triangle.  I put my client’s in position to sell quickly while making max value at the same time.  
Being a former college basketball coach, I loved preparing for the game.  I loved putting my players in the best spots for victory.  I approach real estate the same way.  I now just coach my clients in regards to buying and selling real estate.  Once we get the game plan together and we execute, we will win! 

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